Masters Energy Oil & Gas Ltd recognizes that safety and health of personnel and community are core determinants in ensuring the success of any operation especially in the oil & gas sector. Safety and environmental issues are given priority attention in the conduct of our business because of our firm belief that:

  • Accidents and injuries are preventable
  • Everyone has a responsibility for safety both on and off the job
  • No business objective is pursued at the expense of safety
  • A job is satisfactorily done if it is done safely

We stop at nothing to achieve zero accident and equipment failure or damage in all our operations; as such safety and environmental education is part of our staff orientation programme and this is a continual process.

Every staff of Masters Energy Oil & Gas Ltd. has a personal stake and responsibility towards ensuring that we maintain 100% safety compliance and environmental friendliness in all our operations both on and off field.


Masters Energy activities must be planned in a manner so as to achieve and maintain a high standard of safety and to protect property as well as conserve human life through the following measures.

  • Avoid injury to personnel and pursue the health and safety of its employees as well as those of its sub-contractors and any third party that may be directly or indirectly affected by such activity.
  • Minimize the effect of our activities on the environment in which the company will operate.
  • Provide a safe and secure environment, where every employee must plan and carry out is his or her day’s assignments in accordance with the HSE policy procedures and operations in safe manner.
  • Ensure sub-contractors commitment and compliance with the term of the policy.


It is the policy of Masters Energy to carry out activities in such a way that life of all employees and other people who may be affected by or connected with our operations are safeguarded. The company makes adequate provision for personal protective equipment and adheres strictly to the usage and safety precautions required in any area of it’s operation.

To maintain high safety standards, the company shall assist and develop health, safety and environmental awareness of all her staff in accordance with our policies which are in line with client’s policies.

There are rewards in form of prize and promotion for excellence in this goal while negative attitudes shall be dealt with.
For all jobs, detailed job analysis/procedures shall be written, field management is responsible for its implementation on the field https://cialisfromuk.com/levitra-in-uk/.


In recent years, the Federal government of Nigeria had shown keen interest in the protection of the environment which is aimed at ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the citizenry.

Masters Energy is similarly committed to ensuring clean and healthy environment especially in the course of its operations. Environmental sanitation (housekeeping) practice is taken seriously in our Company.

A physical factor in the environment does influence health at work. These factors include lighting, ventilation, humidity and effects of temperature extremes. Serious effort is geared towards minimization of dust released during the course of work; use and disposal of injurious chemicals if any and / or grasses from trimming shall be structural and well monitored.

Efforts are to be made towards reducing noise and fumes gathered during operations. Every employee of Masters Energy is expected to live a healthy and environmental acceptable atmosphere both at work and at home.


In order to ensure adequate security for her personnel, equipment and material in all our operations, Masters Energy will maintain a combined team of locally trained guards and intelligence officers.
There us security provision, which shall be available at our operational base and also extended to all personnel and other personnel and material in transit.

Whenever there is sufficient physical threats to live and properties the company would expect the forces of law and order in the state to provide appropriate protection.

Independent security training shall be organized from time to update worker’s security awareness.
All security defaults shall be reported, investigated and action taken to prevent reoccurrence.