Improving Lives and Supporting Nigerians

Masters Energy Oil & Gas is a highly responsible corporate citizen. We aim at environmental friendliness, adherence to highest standards of business conduct, excellent treatment of our people and harmonious relationships with communities in our various locations of operation.

We believe that successful and peaceful cohabitation with host communities are an essential part of creating good and sustainable returns to our stakeholders and our upward growth.

Masters Energy Oil & Gas is not ignorant of the contributions of our immediate environment to our business; and we do not hesitate in responding to the needs of such environments. We believe that companies that prosper economically are also companies that operate responsibly.

We have therefore established a very harmonious and symbiotic relationship with our host communities. The underlying factor in this relationship is based on our understanding that we must mutually co-inhabit to maximally influence/protect our interests.

To this effect therefore, Masters Energy Oil & Gas at all times and in consideration aspire to partner with our host communities to provide services that promote societal norms and values, beneficial and sustainable; which will engender mutual trust, understanding and enabling environment for the conduct of our business.

From Port Harcourt, where we have our integrated oil centre to other various locations where our retail outlets are located, we have demonstrated a high sense of social responsibility through provision of need related assistance to our host communities/environments.

Our corporate social responsibility policy is anchored on the dedication of a certain percentage of our annual income to provision of assistance and amenities to our host environments.