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This is to inform the general public as it has come to our notice that some unscrupulous characters have been deceiving unsuspecting members of the public by sending falsified letters of employment purportedly emanating from our company, Masters energy Oil and Gas Ltd, with the aim of demanding financial consideration on the pretext of facilitating such employment.

Please be informed that Masters Energy does not request compensation in any form whatsoever for the provision of employment with our company, neither do we process recruitment through online social media platforms.

You are therefore advised to ignore such fictitious offers as Masters Energy will not be liable for any payment for employment through persons using our company name, trademark or logo.

Please be mindful of this so called domain Name (masterenergyltd.com) it does not have anything to do with Masters Energy, our original registered domain name is mastersenergyltd.com.

You may contact us via our email customerservice@mastersenergyltd.com for further enquiries or use the Chat button on our website.

Thank you.